Anonymous asked: I just meant like, are you just sex craved or wait until you fall inlove with someone then have sex with them because you love them

I’m never sex craved.. but i haven’t waited till after we fall in love either. Hopefully until now. 

Anonymous asked: So I'm in a relationship with this guy but he's not taking any of it seriously like he only expect me to blow him and and have sex... What should I do?

He wants to use you.. and if you want more than he does, it’s not fare to you to deal with that. You can do better

Anonymous asked: Have you even ever fallen in love or just like sex just because? So you get a fuck buddy

I don’t get the question. Yes I’ve fallen in love.

i-lust-y0u asked: Would you give us a shout out? Love your blog ;)

Yo yo yo.

Anonymous asked: Are you, in fact, the hottest fuck?

I couldn’t be